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Personal data
Accompanying person
Strongly recommended that the accompanying person will be the same individual who will continue to take care of the patient at home.
Information about the disease and the patient's condition
General condition of the patient on the day of filling in the questionnaire
Please scan and upload the latest medical findings, as well as the results of tests and examinations, from the last six months.
Please also bring ALL OTHER DOCUMENTS AND IMAGING RESULTS (CT / MRI/ PET /US) with you to our clinic. Please upload your files (maximum file size: 2 MB): Permitted file types: pdf, gif, jpg, png, bmp, txt, rtf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx.
Максимальный размер файла: 2 МБ.
Разрешённые типы файлов: gif jpg jpeg png bmp txt rtf pdf doc docx xls xlsx.
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