Patients about rehabilitation treatment at Reuth Rehabilitation Hospital

Mother of a teenager with Cerebral Palsy tells their story, Murmansk, Russian Federation

Reuth Rehabilitation Center has assembled a great team of experts who were both highly professional and empathic – two essential qualities absolutely necessary, in my opinion, for people who made medicine their calling. There was no-carbon-cut-one-size-fits-all method. Everything was uniquely tailored to individual needs, wants, and limitations. The entire process of my son’s rehabilitation attests to how flexible and optimal a rehabilitation program can and should be. It goes without saying that the most advanced treatment of CP was a factor in our success. But let’s not forget that our team’s incredible patience and perseverance made it all possible.

“To gain power”


L. is a citizen of Philadelphia who came to Israel to continue her physiotherapy that she has started at home, some time after her shoulder operation and long lasting rehabilitation. She decided to apply to Reuth Medical Center.

"The way to victory!"


M. arrived toReuth Medical Rehabilitation Centre from Brazil. She could not stand on her feet, could not walk a few steps without crutches. Young woman with Cerebral Palsy, having highest motivation, traveled around the world searching for help.

Smile again...


”My mother was almost dying, she gave up mentally and physically”. - Says K., an Israeli citizen, born in US. She has decided to bring her mom to Israel to receive rehabilitation treatment in Reuth.

An Israeli soldier on his rehabilitation after being severely wounded in a combat: "My music is still part of me"

"They say, I have survived by sheer miracle," - an IDF reserve soldier shares with us his story. I was seriously wounded by a Hezbollah rocket that hit the armored vehicle I was in. Six months later, I found myself at Reuth, which I initially thought was a place for elderly and, therefore, had absolutely no desire to go there. Only because my mother insisted, I have finally agreed to give it a try. I have never regretted. Very quickly I realized that I was among people who truly cared. Upon my hospitalization, there was a severe spasticity in my hand, and … look at me now: I play guitar! I was told I would never walk again, and… now I dance!

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